Cyber insurance goes beyond your general liability or business policies to cover the costs of getting you up and running again after a breach, as well as the lost income due to a business shut down.  A breach can cause crippling damage to your data and your pocketbook.

Speciality insurance coverage for cyber risks is relatively new to the marketplace. However, the possibility of a cyber attack is a reality that every business owner needs to consider.  It is certainly not just a “big business” issue, as small businesses have become more attractive targets in the eyes of many hackers.

Did you know?

  • 40% of all cyber attacks target business with fewer than 500 employees
  • About 70% of Canadian businesses have been victims of cyber attacks
  • The average cost per incident is $15,000.
  • Cyber crime has surpassed illegal drug trafficking as a criminal moneymaker

Tips and Next Steps

Some great tips to prepare your business can be found at this link 13 Tips to Achieve Great Cybersecurity Without Spending a Fortune

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