Tuesday April 28 is a day marked around the world in memory of the thousands of workers every year who die during the course or as a result of their work.  The day is observed in a bid to raise awareness of the risks in the hope that workplaces will become safer.

Here at Stanhope Simpson Insurance, we take workplace safety very seriously.  Here are some tips you can take to reduce the risk of injury among your office staff:

1.  Stay clutter-free – Boxes, files and other items piled in walkways can create a tripping hazard. Ensure all materials are safely stored in their proper location.

2. Get a grip – Carpeting and other skid-resistant surfaces can serve to reduce falls.  Marble and tile can become very slippery.

3. Safe stacking – Large stacks of materials can cause major injuries if they are knocked over. Store heavy objects close to the floor and ensure that load capacity of shelves or storage units is never exceeded.

4. Provide adjustable equipment – All chairs, work surfaces, monitor stands, etc. should be adjustable in order to accommodate the widest range of employees.  Although employers are often reluctant to pay for expensive ergonomic equipment, experts insist it is a wise investment, as some health claims can cost thousands of dollars, let alone the cost of replacement, absenteeism, loss of work production, etc.

5. Keep your feet on the floor – It sounds like a simple concept, but very often workers have their keyboard tray on the desktop, so in order to reach it, they need to jack up their chair so high that their feet barely touch the floor.  Unless an employee’s feet are on the floor, a chair will not be able to reduce pain and discomfort.