In early 2015, Aviva Canada launched Driving Change Together, a campaign intended to reduce the number of accidents caused by distracted driving, and make roads safer for all Canadians – drivers and pedestrians.

Aviva introduced the campaign by implementing a distracted driving policy and full engagement program for all employees. We are now opening the campaign up to our customers and broker partners – together we can help change dangerous driving habits and save lives.

Eye-Opening Stats

  • According to the RCMP, in 80% of collisions, the driver has taken their eyes off the road three seconds prior to crashing
  • When talking on a hands-free device, you are four times more likely to get in an accident
  • Texting while driving makes you 23 times more likely to crash
  • Driving requires a person’s undivided attention, and using a cell phone can be extremely dangerous considering the speed and weight of vehicles

Start Making a Difference Today…

Take the pledge at and make your car a “no-phone zone”

Many of our employees have taken the pledge to “park” our cellular devices while driving to keep them out of reach, and to keep our eyes on the road. You can join us by parking your phones and urging your friends and loved ones to do the same. By doing this before driving, you are taking the first step towards ending the leading and most avoidable cause of auto collisions nationwide.

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