On Natal Day weekend, Stanhope Simpson made its inaugural appearance at the 2nd Annual Plywood Cup on Lake Banook.

Knotty Buoys

Our team, the “Knotty Buoys”, comprised of Scott Peach, Steven Bates, Alan Spruin and Joe Gariepy (with additional help from Steven’s two sons Brennan and Liam) took on the task of building a boat and paddle in 90 minutes. All they were given was two sheets of plywood and basic tool kit, which included such items as a hammer, a saw and of course duct tape. They then had to race their nautical nightmares across Lake Banook and back again.

In order to participate in the event, teams were asked to raise pledges to support the charities of the Halifax chapter of The Canadian Progress Club. Our team was the top fundraiser, with Scott Peach taking home a prize as the highest individual fundraiser.  Way to go!

The team is already working on boat designs for next year’s event, hoping to better their 4th place finish.  Great job Knotty Buoys and we’ll see you on the lake next summer!