Our people are our greatest resource

We have an unwavering commitment to maintain and actively foster an industry-leading level of insurance and risk management education and training, and we are working hard to plan for the future to ensure the esteemed members of “The Old Guard” are succeeded by an energetic and engaged group of young insurance and surety professionals.

We are proud of our team and we invite you to get to know them.


Direct telephone number: (902) 454-7198 + extension

The Old Guard
Victor J. Stanhope, FCIP, CCIBChief Executive Officer
Victor embarked on his career in the insurance industry over forty years ago.  From day one, he worked earnestly to build a reputation as this region’s leading construction insurance broker.

Victor founded Stanhope Insurance Ltd. in 1979 in the basement of his home in Rockingham, Halifax with a handful of construction clients and his wife, Donna, as his administrative assistant.  It wasn’t long before Stanhope Insurance – armed with two additional brokers, Paul Folk and Gary Pellerin – became known as the top construction brokerage in Nova Scotia.

Victor has since led the firm to achieve steady growth in the highly competitive commercial insurance market.  Although he started his career specifically focused on the construction industry himself, he has grown the brokerage (now known as Stanhope Simpson) to be what it is today – a leading insurance provider in Atlantic Canada for all varieties of commercial insurance.

In both the insurance and construction industries, Victor is known as a true leader and entrepreneur.  He is client-focused, is known as a tough negotiator, and he believes that his staff are the organization’s greatest asset.  This a reputation that he worked hard to build, and one in which his daughters, Victoria and Heather, and son in laws, Steven and Scott, are all working hard to carry forward.

Office:  (902) 454- 7198, extension 225


Don McDermaid, CIBExecutive Vice-President
Don joined Simpson-Hurst Ltd. in 1973 as an account manager in their commercial department.  Due to his high level of insurance expertise, hard work and perseverance, he became President of Simpson-Hurst in 1993.

Don and Victor decided to proceed with a business plan to operate Simpson-Hurst and Stanhope Insurance under one company, Stanhope Simpson, in 1998.  Don has an extensive background in all varieties of insurance including commercial, marine, aviation and other specialty and complex insurance products and solutions.  He also boasts highly specialized and expert knowledge of the seafood industry.

Outside of the office, Don is a huge curling fan and enjoys most sports including tennis, Nascar and football.  He enjoys travelling, spending time with his family and sailing radio-controlled yachts.

Office:  (902) 454- 7198, extension 237


Paul Folk, BA, MCICommercial Insurance Broker
Prior to pursuing a career in the general insurance industry, Paul enjoyed an extensive and successful career as Assistant Vice-President of a major Canadian financial corporation (United Dominion Investments Ltd.) where he assisted many Maritime contractors with their financial needs.

Paul embarked on his career in the insurance industry over twenty years ago when he joined Victor at Stanhope Insurance. This career change was serendipitous for Paul.  He stayed connected with his contracting clientele from his former position and was able to assist them with their various insurance and surety needs as a Commercial Insurance Broker at Stanhope Insurance.

Today, Paul has earned a reputation as one of the leading construction insurance brokers in Nova Scotia.  His in-depth knowledge of the construction and contracting industry allows him to provide exceptional service to his clients.  Many of Paul’s commercial clients are long-standing due to his expertise in this industry, but he also welcomes the challenge of assisting new clients with their insurance and surety needs.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 226


Gary Pellerin, BBACommercial Insurance Broker
Similar to Paul, prior to embarking on his career in the insurance industry, Gary enjoyed a successful career in industrial financing where he assisted many New Brunswick and Nova Scotia contractors with their financial needs.

In 1989, Gary joined Stanhope Insurance and started his career as a Commercial Insurance Broker.  Today, Gary enjoys a hard-earned reputation for being a leader in commercial insurance in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  He is fully bilingual; an asset that has proven to be integral to his success at the firm.  Gary’s area of expertise is the construction, development and realty industries.

Outside of the office, Gary enjoys spending time with his family and visiting his cottage in Larry’s River as often as he can.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 227


Pauline Bell, CIPSr. Commercial Account Manager
Pauline began her career in the insurance industry in 1979 at Canadian General Insurance.  She joined Stanhope Insurance in 1988 and later earned her Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation in 1992.

Pauline works closely with Victor managing his commercial accounts – many of which are in the construction and contracting industry.  She prides herself on her client-first approach.  Outside of the office, Pauline enjoys kettlebells, cycling, knitting, sewing and reading.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 224

Our Commercial & Surety Team
Victoria L. Stanhope, MBA, FCIP, CRMPresident & Commercial Insurance Broker

Victoria does not fit the traditional mold of a commercial insurance broker, let alone one who specializes in the construction and development industry.

Victoria began her career at Stanhope Simpson in 2003 while completing her undergraduate degree from Saint Mary’s University of which she earned summa cum laude distinction.  Victoria has been full-time at Stanhope Simpson since 2007 during which she has completed the part-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Saint Mary’s University, Canadian Risk Management (CRM) program via the University of Toronto, and most recently, the Fellowship CIP program.  In 2008, Victoria completed the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) program of which she completed all ten courses in record pace and earned the following awards upon graduation; Top Broker Graduate (Canada), 1st Runner-up Overall CIP Graduate (Canada) and Best Results in CIP (Nova Scotia).

Lucky for Victoria, she shares her father, Victor’s, innate passion for the construction industry – which means that she enjoys every minute of her challenging and dynamic role at the firm.  As President, Victoria is integral to the management of the brokerage.  Although she relishes her leadership role, her true passion lies in the construction and development industry of which most of her clients belong.  Victoria is proud of the portfolio of esteemed clients that she manages and is always looking forward to the next opportunity to prove her specialized expertise in this industry to a new customer.

Victoria serves on the Board of Directors for the Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS), the Great Big Dig for the IWK Steering Committee and the Dalhousie University Centre for Family Business and Regional Prosperity Advisory Board.  Most recently, she completed the esteemed QuantumShift national executive leadership program for CEO’s at Ivey Business School.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 239

Steven Bates, BBA, FCIP, CAIB, CRM
Steven Bates, BBA, FCIP, CAIB, CRMVice President & Commercial Insurance Broker
Prior to joining Stanhope Simpson, Steven received his undergraduate business degree from Mount St. Vincent University where he attended classes full-time while managing the day to day responsibilities of owning and operating a forestry contracting business.  Since joining the firm in 2004, Steven has worked hard to develop and grow a portfolio of complex commercial insurance and surety accounts.  Steven’s experience of being a business owner in the contracting industry – and operating heavy machinery and tractor trailers first-hand – sets him apart from most brokers as it allows him to better understand and connect with his clients.

Steven is the brokerage’s primary internal technical consultant, due to his exceptional technical expertise in specialty coverages such as Professional Liability, Directors & Officers Liability and Environmental Liability.  As Vice President, he is also responsible for leading all aspects related to claims resolution for the organization and oversees the junior producers, providing ongoing guidance to support the sales team as required. Steven also has his own commercial portfolio at the firm which he continues to actively grow.

Steven is involved with the Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) and the Family Business Association – Atlantic (FBA).  Aside from the office, Steven spends most of his time with his family and working on completing a “seemingly never-ending” list of home renovation projects.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 229   Mobile: (902) 237-5426

Donald K. McDermaid, BComm, FCIP
Donald K. McDermaid, BComm, FCIPVice President & Commercial Insurance Broker
Donald began his career at Stanhope Simpson over 10 years ago.  He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Saint Mary’s University (2001), his Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation and mostly recently completed the Fellowship CIP program in the Spring 2015.

Donald manages a broad range of commercial insurance accounts encompassing the realty, construction and seafood industries, and beyond, in addition to overseeing the personal lines department, working closely with Scott Conrad. He prides himself on providing a superior customer experience and building great relationships along the way.

Outside of the office, Donald can be found throwing stones at the curling rink.  In fact, he was a proud member of Team Nova Scotia at the 2012 & 2014 Briers.  Donald is a big sports fan – especially of football, golf, and tennis.  He also enjoys spending time with his family, particularly when gathered around the barbecue.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 246

Chuck Prince, FCIPCommercial Insurance Broker
Chuck is a Commercial Insurance Broker at Stanhope Simpson and has been with the firm since 1998.  Prior to then, he spent over 20 years working for insurance companies on the underwriting side of the industry, holding various positions including underwriter, risk inspector, marketing representative and commercial manager.  Chuck holds his Fellowship CIP (FCIP) designation and throughout his career has acquired a broad range of in-depth technical knowledge of commercial insurance.  He is a very versatile commercial broker and prides himself on his ability to effectively market and manage all lines of commercial accounts.

Chuck operates out of his satellite (home) office located in Moncton, New Brunswick.  Outside of the office, Chuck enjoys gardening, fishing and photography, and has taken some remarkable photographs of wildlife.

Office:  (506) 386-6540

Mark Howard, BComm, FCIP
Mark Howard, BComm, FCIPVP of Simpson Hurst & Commercial Insurance Broker
Mark first joined Stanhope Simpon in 2007, as a member of the personal lines team.  Since walking through the doors of the brokerage, Mark quickly established himself as a key member of the organization, managing complex insurance programs for many high-net-worth clients.

Mark attended Saint Mary’s University where he earned his Bachelor of Commerce (2004).  Committed to the highest educational and professional standards, he has engaged in several relevant course work to gain designations including his Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and most recently his Fellowship Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) in Spring 2015.  He enjoys communicating with clients and maintaining client relationships are his top priority.

Mark has a love for all things sports and never passes on an opportunity to hit a golf ball, which is a little less frequent after becoming a father to his three adorable children.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 257

Debbie Brush, CIP
Debbie Brush, CIPSr. Commercial Account Manager
Debbie joined Stanhope Simpson in 1994.  She started her career in the insurance industry in 1980 and worked with various brokerages throughout Halifax before settling in at Stanhope Simpson.  She received her Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation in 2001.  Debbie works closely with Donald McDermaid and services a broad book of commercial business where she has cultivated long-term relationships with her clients.  Outside of the office, Debbie enjoys the outdoors and home improvements.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 234


Lindsay Letourneau, BA, CIP
Lindsay Letourneau, BA, CIPCommercial Account Manager
Prior to joining Stanhope Simpson in 2010, Lindsay worked in the banking industry while concurrently completing her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Carleton University.  Shortly after completing her degree in 2010, Lindsay and her husband moved to Nova Scotia to further their careers and appreciate the beautiful East coast.

Lindsay graduated with her Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation from the Insurance Institute of Canada in November 2013.  She began her career as an assistant to the commercial team but worked hard to quickly earn a Commercial Account Manager position, working closely with Victoria Stanhope, as well as developing into a valued member of the surety team. Lindsay prides herself on her versatility, her ability to prioritize and manage a multitude of diverse tasks, and she strives to develop meaningful and positive working relationships with her clients and colleagues.  In early 2015, she joined the CANS Developing Executive Group, where she enjoys the opportunity to engage with and encourage other young professionals in the industry. Outside of the office, she is an enthusiastic Toronto Blue Jays fan and enjoys an active lifestyle including hiking, camping, and yoga.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 244

Paula Shubley, CIP
Paula Shubley, CIPSr. Commercial Account Manager & Surety Administration Manager
Paula joined Stanhope Simpson’s commercial team in 1992.  She obtained her Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation in 2001.

As an account manager, Paula takes care of a diverse portfolio of commercial insurance accounts.  Developing long-term relationships with her clients comes naturally to Paula due to her consistently professional, courteous and efficient service.  Her years in the industry have culminated in a wealth of insurance knowledge and she is often sought out by her colleagues to consult on complex commercial insurance accounts.

In 2017, Paula accepted the challenge to manage the firm’s surety administration team, in coordination with Shawna Naismith.  In this role, she works closely with our clients’ lead broker at Stanhope Simpson to coordinate, place and administer surety bonding programs that are tailored to meet their unique needs.

Paula enjoys cooking, walking and spending time with friends and family.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 223

Tim Smith, BComm, CIP
Tim Smith, BComm, CIPCommercial Account Manager
After completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Saint Mary’s University in 2004, Tim spent a few years involved with the local music industry, which included managing a music store as well as touring the country with his rock band. Life on road soon took its toll and he decided to make the transition to corporate sales, working with such companies as Telus and Drake International, before joining Stanhope Simpson in October 2013.

Tim’s experience working with a variety of  accounts  across multiple industries have proven invaluable to his insurance career.  His relaxed yet informed approach to business has allowed Tim to foster positive and productive relationship with both his clients and colleagues alike.  He recently completed his Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation in 2016.

In his free time, Tim is an avid mountain biker and musician, who is also beginning to develop a bit of a golf habit.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 250

Scott Peach, BComm, CIP
Scott Peach, BComm, CIPCommercial & Personal Insurance Broker
Scott joined the commercial team at Stanhope Simpson in February 2013.  He earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Saint Mary’s University in 2007 and also achieved his Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation in Spring 2015.  Scott brings with him extensive experience in customer service, having worked in the banking industry with TD Canada Trust for nine years, including five years in sales and one year in management.  He has had the opportunity to participate in a variety of sales training courses, workshops and seminars that has allowed for a broad resource base on which to build his insurance career.  Scott looks forward to building lasting relationships with customers at Stanhope Simpson.  He is currently working hard to develop his portfolio of commercial clients.

On the personal side, Scott is an avid sports fan with a special affinity for the Chicago Bears.  He enjoys traveling, spending time with his family and friends, and rarely turns down the opportunity to swing a golf club or hockey stick.  He is also an avid member of the Halifax Progress Club and sits on the board of the King’s Meadow Home for mentally challenged adults.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 243

Shawna Naismith, BA, BBA, FCIP, CRM
Shawna Naismith, BA, BBA, FCIP, CRMSr. Commercial Account Manager & Surety Administration Manager
Originally from Antigonish, Shawna obtained her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business Administration degrees from St. FX University.  After working briefly in the banking industry, she joined Stanhope Simpson’s commercial team in 2001 as a Commercial Account Manager working closely with Gary Pellerin.  She has since achieved her Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and Fellowship CIP designations from the Insurance Institute of Canada, as well as her Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation.

In 2017, Shawna welcomed the opportunity to manage the surety administration team, in coordination with Paula Shubley.  In this role, Shawna works closely with our commercial brokers to coordinate, place and administer surety facilities for our clients.  She prides herself on delivering exceptional customer service.

Shawna is a true pleasure to work with.  She’s always smiling and has one of the best senses of humor at the firm.  Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 242

Shirley Gould, CAIB, CIP
Shirley Gould, CAIB, CIPCommercial Account Manager
Shirley joined Stanhope Simpson’s commercial team in 1987.  She earned her Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) designation in 2004 and Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation in 2006.  Shirley has extensive experience servicing commercial accounts and prides herself on consistently delivering prompt, professional and friendly service.  Outside of the office, Shirley enjoys the outdoors, photography and spending time with her family.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 233

Ashley Burke, CIP, CRMJr. Commercial Account Manager
Ashley joined the brokerage in July 2018, after spending five years in the insurance company side of the industry, working in both personal and commercial lines with Intact Insurance.  She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree, both obtained from Mount Saint Vincent University.  Ashley recently finished her Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation.  She was also the recipient of the Atlantic Vice Chair Award (2017), issued by the Insurance Institute of Canada, for achieving the highest result in Atlantic Canada in the Business of Insurance course (2017).  She has also completed the Certified Risk Management (CRM) designation (2018).

Outside of the office, Ashley enjoys travelling and the outdoors.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 236

Wendy Forhan, BComm, CIP, CAIB
Wendy Forhan, BComm, CIP, CAIBSr. Commercial Account Manager
Wendy embarked on her insurance career in 1992.  She earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Dalhousie University (1992),  the Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) designation (with honours) in 2005 and the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation (with honours) in 2008.  She was also recognized by the Insurance Institute  of Canada with the Atlantic Vice Chair Award (2006) for highest results in Atlantic Canada for the Insurance Against Liability Part 1 course.

Wendy joined Stanhope Simpson in 2004 as a member of the personal lines team, during which she managed the department for a short time, before joining the commercial team in 2008.  Today, Wendy is Paul Folk’s Commercial Account Manager.  She has extensive experience servicing construction and contracting accounts and prides herself on her exceptional attention to detail.

Inside of the office, Wendy is known for her infectiously upbeat personality.  Victoria would add, “Wendy is an absolute pleasure to work with.  She adds a lot to our organizational culture at Stanhope Simpson – her cheerful attitude and wicked sense of humour make our office that much brighter.”  

Outside of the office, Wendy enjoys gardening, home renovation projects and working out at the gym.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 248

Heidi Bardsley, CIP
Heidi Bardsley, CIPCommercial Account Manager & Surety Assistant
Heidi joined Stanhope Simpson’s personal lines team in 2012 after a chance encounter at the Brier with other Stanhope Simpson curling fans. She was an instant fit with the company, earning her Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation in Spring 2014.  She recently made the transition to our commercial lines team, where she works closely with Shawn Freeze.  Heidi is developing her knowledge base quickly, managing a variety of accounts – doing so with an easygoing, client-first approach that her clients value.

Heidi is an active member of WINK (Women in Networking & Knowledge) and is also extremely passionate about health and fitness. She is a proud mom who enjoys spending time with her family and watching the Toronto Blue Jays.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 245


Shawn Freeze, CIP, CRM
Shawn Freeze, CIP, CRM
Shawn joined the brokerage after spending 10 years as a senior large commercial underwriter for RSA Insurance, specializing in construction & contracting and professional liability insurance.  He has completed numerous sales and service seminars in recent years, including a two-week intensive technical underwriting training session in the UK in 2012.  Shawn’s passion for providing exceptional service to his clients, coupled with a strong technical background in commercial insurance makes him a natural fit for the Stanhope Simpson team.  He holds his Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation and has recently attained his Certified Risk Manager (CRM) designation.

Shawn is active as an ambassador with the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, as well the Construction Association of Nova Scotia.  His family life can certainly be described as “hectic”, as a dad to a son and two young daughters.  He can usually be found attending any number of basketball games, dance classes or swim lessons, sometimes all in the same day.  A big sports buff (and long-suffering Philadelphia Flyers and Chicago Bears fan), Shawn tries to fit as many runs in during the week as possible.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 222


Greg Blacklock, MBA
Greg Blacklock, MBA
Greg is the newest member of the Commercial team.  He brings  with him a wealth of insurance knowledge, having worked on both broker side and company side.

Greg holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Dalhousie University (2008). He is currently working towards his Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation, a program in which he is excelling, earning the Best Performance First Year CIP Student Award.

Outside of the office, Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and twin daughters.  He is an avid camper and is also very skilled with computers.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 230

Our Personal Lines (Home & Auto) Team
Scott Conrad, BA, MA
Scott Conrad, BA, MAPersonal Lines Manager
Scott joined Stanhope Simpson as the Personal Lines Manager and has over 20 years of insurance experience.  He takes pride in providing clients with timely service, developing customized insurance packages based on individual needs, and providing sound insurance and claims’ advice.  Scott and his team work hard to get to know their customers, to build authentic relationships and to advocate on their behalf to ensure a positive client experience.  Scott is the Director of the CANS and Municipal/Dexter group insurance programs.  He also manages complex personal insurance programs for many of our high-net-worth clients.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint Mary’s University (1992) and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo (1994). He is actively involved with Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia (IBANS) as the treasurer and has been a member of the board of directors since 2013.

Outside of the office, Scott loves spending time in the outdoors hiking and running with his children.  He also enjoys reading and scouring Atlantic Canada for antique treasures.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 251

Denise Russell
Denise RussellPersonal Insurance Broker
Denise has been in the insurance industry since 1987.  She joined Stanhope Simpson in 1997 as a Personal Insurance Broker.  Today, she manages a broad book of personal lines business.  Her clients truly adore her for her outgoing and upbeat personality – a personality that makes it easy for her to develop long-term relationships with many of her customers.  Denise’s technical personal insurance knowledge is exceptional.  She is often asked by her colleagues to consult on complex home and automobile insurance matters.

Denise is a valued and long-standing member of the Nova Scotia Insurance Women’s Association and is Chair of their Public Relations, Publicity and Website  Committee.  Outside of the office, Denise loves spending time with her grandkids.  You can also find her cheering on the Mooseheads, as she is one of their biggest supporters.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 231


Heather Johnson
Heather JohnsonReceptionist
Heather earned her office administration certificate from the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)  in 2010.  Through NSCC, she was also awarded the Arthritis Society Award of Recognition for exceptional hard work and perseverance.  She joined Stanhope Simpson in 2012 as the firm’s receptionist.

Heather prides herself on her outgoing personality and excellent customer service skills – attributes that make her “a natural” at her job.  She is currently working towards her Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation.  Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family – in particular, hanging out with her daughter.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 232

Melissa Dort, BA, CAIB, CIP
Melissa Dort, BA, CAIB, CIPPersonal Insurance Broker
Melissa joined Stanhope Simpson as a receptionist in 2004 and quickly proved herself to be a valuable member of the organization due to her exceptional customer service, work ethic and attention to detail.  Melissa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with an advanced major in psychology from Dalhousie University (2002).  She earned her Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) designation in 2007, of which she earned honors distinction, and later earned her CIP designation in 2009.

Presently, Melissa is a Personal Insurance Broker at Stanhope Simpson.  She is responsible for servicing a broad variety of personal insurance accounts that range from straight-forward tenant’s policies to multifaceted personal insurance programs. She prides herself on her knack for explaining complex insurance coverages to her clients in a way that they can easily comprehend.

Outside of the office, Melissa enjoys live music, watching football on Sundays, and spending time with her family and friends.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 221

Trudy Scanlan, CIPPersonal Insurance Broker
Trudy joined the Stanhope Simpson Personal Lines department in October 2015.  She’s been in the business for over 30 thirty years, developing a vast knowledge of insurance, across all lines of business.  Helping people, keeping them protected and happy is what Trudy does best.

Trudy earned her CIP designation in 1998.  She has also taught several insurance courses for the Insurance Institute of Nova Scotia and has been involved with the Nova Scotia Insurance Women’s Association.

In her spare time, Trudy enjoys home improvements, knitting and sewing.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 254

Our Internal Support Team
Heather Peach, CPA, CA
Heather Peach, CPA, CAChief Financial Officer
In her role as CFO, she oversees the financial management of the company, its financial reporting and various corporate functions including tax and long-term strategic planning.  Heather also manages all aspects of the advertising and marketing strategy, leads IT-related initiatives, establishes continuous improvement and operations efficiency directives, as well as oversees the human resource function.

After spending several years in public practice, Heather transitioned from the audit arena to private enterprise at Pacrim Hospitality Services, where she served as Senior Manager or Accounting and Finance.  She later joined Bell Aliant in 2010, where she gained valuable experience in external financial reporting and compliance.

Heather has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Saint Mary’s University where she graduated at the top of her class, earning the Gold Medal in the Faculty of Commerce in 2004.  She also holds her Chartered Professional Accountant designation having passed the UFE in 2005.  In her spare time, she is an avid runner and also plays golf as a member of both Ashburn Golf Club.  She loves to travel, anything culinary and spending time with her family and friends.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 241

Gerald Ward, CIPController & IT Coordinator
Gerald joined the Stanhope Simpson’s Internal Support Team in 2002.  Prior to then, he held several positions that primarily focused around insurance and accounting-related functions.  He has completed accounting programs at both NSCC and Saint Mary’s University, and in 2008 he successfully completed his Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation.

As Controller at Stanhope Simpson, Gerald is chiefly responsible for the management of all major accounting functions of the company.  This includes managing the general ledger, accounts receivables and payables, budgeting, and various other accounting-related responsibilities.  More recently, Gerald has taken on the additional role of Information Technology Coordinator where he oversees the day to day development and maintenance of IT systems within the office and serves as the main point of contact with software suppliers and external IT providers.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 235

Martali McDermaidPayroll Clerk & Office Adminstrator
Martali is the newest memeber of the Internal Support team. Her primary role is to assisting with the administration of payroll and various accounting-related functions. Martali also works with her husband, Donald McDermaid, performing office administration for the Simpson-Hurst commercial team.  When she is not in the office, she can be found caring for her son and relaxing with her family.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 240


Peggy McDermaid
Peggy McDermaidAccounting Clerk
Peggy joined Simpson-Hurst Ltd. in 1994 to assist her husband, Don McDermaid, with various accounting functions integral to the smooth operation of the firm.  Today, at Stanhope Simpson, she is responsible for assisting with the administration of payroll, accounts payable, and other accounting-related functions.  Outside of the office, Peggy enjoys traveling, bowling, watching curling and spending time with her family.  She is very proud to see her son, Donald, and daughter, Heather, working hard at the brokerage.

Office:  (902) 454-7198, extension 240

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